Amy Hill Hyman is an artist from and based in Charleston, South Carolina. A graduate of the College of Charleston’s BFA Program, she uses her daily life and mental state as her subject to explore a wide array of mediums and vice versa.

Each piece acts as a journal entry for the artist, the creation of each image is a method of self-soothing and is her preferred method of record keeping. The original references have been encoded into a textural abstract image via the artist’s private iconography. The pieces then act as receptacles for the audience to fill with their own ideas and experiences.

Her recent body of work, "MicroPlastics", is a material exploration of heat-treated reclaimed plastic formed into small scale works that are centered around the concept of self intimacy and self isolation. The dainty proportions allow for only a small group of people to view each work at a time. The scale invites a close proximity to the objects and creates an intimate and pensive experience with you, yourself, and it.